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Could Nokia Sell Off Its Mobile Division In 2013?

Here’s a scary thought. Nokia may completely depart from the mobile market this year. Analysts and market experts have often expressed their views and predictions for Nokia. The Finnish company has had quarters upon quarters of bad

New images of Apple’s 7 inch iPad leak

New pictures of what is allegedly Apple’s new 7 inch tablet have “leaked”. Since Steve died it seems like Apple just don’t care about secrecy anymore. Anyway, the new images only show the back of the device

More rumors about Windows 9 and Project Blue

Rumors are out regarding Microsoft’s development of Windows 9 and the new mysterious project codenamed “Blue”. Apparently, there are now two Microsoft teams working on both projects. Blue will be an addition to Windows 8 while Windows

Windows 8 rumor: paid updates for Windows 8 going forward?

So this one is quite a doozy but I thought heck, it’s a slow Tuesday so what the heck. On the Winunleaked forums, there was speculation today about Microsoft charging for updates to Windows 8. They are

OK so RIM is now (really) on deathwatch – Will Microsoft step in?

OK so RIM is a mess. But then again, you probably knew that. RIM recently said the launch of BlackBerry 10 mobile devices has been postponed to early 2013 – more than a year later than initially

I don’t think Microsoft is going to drop their partners and become a hardware as well as software company

There have been a few articles on here pro Microsoft building their own phones and tablets. This article is going to take the other stance – why I think Microsoft is going to go more the Google

Leaked Documents reveal more info about Xbox 720

There were rumors that Microsoft is planning to come up with a new generation of Xbox and the documents that are leaked on the net are proving this. A newly leaked document of 56 pages have put

Microsoft’s Monday mystery announcement: do we dare to dream?

For those of you who may not know, Microsoft have invited a selected group of “honored” bloggers and journalists to a mysterious event in Los Angeles this Monday. So far there haven’t been any leaks but the

Windows 8 Release Date – I’m predicting September 2012 and here’s why…

So I had been planning to write this article for a while but was reminded of it yesterday when I watched the superb interview with Rafael and Ed. During the interview, they were asked when they thought

New Leaked Screenshots of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 15.0.3919.1011 Technical Preview

So an anonymous source sent us a few photos of a build of what looks like the next version of Microsoft Office – Office 15. The build from the screenshots looks like 15.0.3919.1011 (Technical Preview). I am not