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Edge Will Be Crazy Fast In The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Got to love these blog posts about speed improvements in Windows 10. This time Edge, the web browser, is the part of the OS in question, which is getting a solid boost. Basically, as revealed, Microsoft is

Internet Explorer 12 To Offer Faster Browsing Speeds

Well, more speed never killed anybody, so why not? Internet Explorer 12 is the upcoming version of Microsoft’s flagship web browser, currently on track for release with Windows 9. And now some more information about this brand

IE10 Becomes The Second Fastest Browser

Microsoft’s flagship browser is fast. Very fast, as a matter of pure fact. But it still cannot lay claim of being the swiftest application of its kind. A series of test by Cross Browser Handbook puts Internet

Microsoft’s "beat Windows Phone’s speed" competition backfires

Now, earlier this week, Microsoft unveiled a challenge to CES 2012 attendees – beat Windows Phone’s speed and win $100. Obviously, a lot of people were interested in trying to do just that and it was a

How Does Windows 8 Boot Faster?

So we all know that Windows 8 will boot a lot faster than previous versions of Windows. It will boot in about ten seconds (That’s compared to what could be anywhere from forty-five seconds to five minutes

Two Interfaces Surviving Together: Windows 8

The Windows 8 Metro Experience Microsoft has found a way to have two different interface designs living side-by-side and in harmony. Once you turn on your Windows 8 computer you will find that you are suddenly in