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Windows 8.1 App Watch: WTA

If there is one thing that the Windows Store needs, it is oodles and oodles of official apps. As in official clients to popular websites, services, businesses, institutions and organizations. Third party apps are fine — and

Windows 8.1 App Watch:

I guess you can term as the football (or soccer) equivalent of DigiTimes. This is one website that has made a name for itself in spreading fake rumors and even more fake headlines. Beyond this questionable

Windows 8.1 App Watch: WatchESPN

ESPN is back with another Windows 8.1 app, and this one has the name of this is column in its title. WatchESPN is a free app that channel subscribers will absolutely love. It streams live video from

Windows 8.1 App Watch: THE Football App

Who knew that generically named mobile apps could be this much fun? 2014 is the year of football (or soccer, if you so prefer) with the FIFA World Cup in Brazil this summer being the highlight. And

People are making professional bets on who will be the next CEO of Microsoft

Sports betting site Ladbrokes is taking bets on who the next Microsoft CEO will be. While on the surface (pun intended) it is absolutely ridiculous it is pretty interesting to see who they have as possible favorites.

App Watch: LiveScore SofaScore

This may well be one of the most unusual names for a Windows 8 app, but it is hard to deny the quality and features that this free app offers for fans of sports. LiveScore SofaScore is

New leaked Windows 8 Release Preview Video

Winbeta have put together a YouTube video showing the Windows 8 Release Preview from a leaked Chinese build. This build has some some of the apps in Chinese and some in English.

Windows 8 Release Preview will have some new apps – Sports, News, Travel

New screenshots of the Windows 8 Release Preview have revealed some new apps that are expected to show up in the next public release of the operating system. These apps are News, Sports and Travel. It’s not clear if