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This Concept Is Fluent Design Done Right

No better way to end the week than with a Windows 10 concept! More so, a concept like this that does a great job of showcasing the new Fluent Design philosophy that Microsoft is pursuing. An awesome

Spotify App Finally Gets A Live Tile On Windows 10

One of the signature features of the Windows platform has finally come to the official Spotify app for Windows 10. Live Tiles are now available for the application, in various sizes. Spotify has taken centerstage lately, after

Spotify Continuing to Expand, Also Working on Windows Phone 8 App

With Microsoft’s recent release of its new streaming music/video service, Xbox Music and Video, the streaming music world is becoming awfully crowded. While it remains to be seen how well Microsoft will do in this space, we

Fake Spotify App Hits Windows Phone Marketplace

If you were to ask many ‘casual users’ why they love smartphones and tablets they would likely tell you several different things such as portability, but likely at the top of the list would be, “Because of