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Cortana To Get Mac Like Spotlight Search On Windows

No harm in copying a good though, right? The Spotlight feature on Apple devices is quite good, and it looks like Cortana is getting something similar in Windows 10 with the Redstone 4 update. The integration of

Microsoft Highlights Windows 8.1 Apps To Experience New Music

It has been a while since we have seen a new spotlight category, but the Windows Store team has just put one up. And boy, it sure is a treat for the music lovers amongst you. This

Want To Study? Here Are Some Windows 8 Apps To Help You Do Just That

There are some universal facts in life like wood floats on water, sun rises from the east, and Microsoft regularly creates special spotlight sections on the Windows Store. The latest software category to be introduced comes loaded

Here Are The Apps To Bring Windows 8, Windows Phone And Xbox 360 Together

Got to admit, the various special subsections that Microsoft creates on its Windows Store do showcase the creativity of the people behind the scenes. Take this latest one for example. Microsoft has just rolled out a special