Spring 2014 GDR Archive

Mail And Calendar Apps On Windows 8 May Be Replaced By Outlook

Streamlining is the name of the game these days, and it appears this is fast becoming an important strategy over at Redmond. The One Microsoft philosophy could not have come sooner. When Windows 8 launched it missed

Work On Windows Never Stops, Says Microsoft

Windows, by all accounts, is Microsoft’s flagship product. And considering just how complex and sophisticated the operating system is, one would imagine development on it continues pretty much round the clock, or something like that. And it

Windows 8.1 Update Caused Surface Mini Delay, Tablet Coming In Spring 2014

Never a dull day in the Redmond Empire! It was a forgone conclusion in some circles that the smaller Surface tablet was a done deal, and would be unveiled alongside the second generation Surface slates. Dubbed by

Large Update For Windows 8.1 Scheduled For Early 2014

Windows 8.1 is not your regular operating system, far from it. While earlier versions of Windows, box packed and all, stayed put in terms of features after hitting the RTM status, this is not the case for