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Week In Review (Dec 1 – Dec 5)

Another easygoing week for Microsoft, with focus solely on the upcoming versions of Windows on various platforms. If there was one hardware piece that kept the headlines to itself, it was the upcoming imaging flagship, the Lumia

Sprint Confirms Break From Windows Phone, Will Return

Well there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Sprint has officially become the only carrier in United States without a Windows Phone, as the company confirmed that it will be taking a break. A break from the platform,

Sprint Stops Selling Windows Phone On Its Website

The Windows Phone journey has seen its ups and downs, but there have been a few inexplicable events too. Events like Sprint dropping Windows Phone handsets on its website. So far, the company has not commented on

HTC 8XT Getting Windows Phone 8 Update 3 At Sprint

Previously known as the General Distribution Release 3, Microsoft has recently made official the next version of Windows Phone 8. And now we are slowly receiving reports of when wireless carriers around the globe are planning to

Samsung ATIV S Neo To Arrive At Sprint On Friday, Full Specs Revealed

Sprint has just officially confirmed the upcoming availability of the Samsung ATIV S Neo on its network on this Friday, August 16. This makes it the carrier’s second Windows Phone 8 device after it started selling the

HTC Gearing Up To Launch Tiara, A New Windows 8 Phone Device

Codename Tiara, that is. Word on the street was that HTC is getting ready to launch a new Windows Phone 8 powered smartphone for the year, and a company executive recently did confirm the plans. The vice

Windows Phone 8 coming to Sprint soon?

While there are still several minor carriers that haven’t made the jump to Windows Phone 8 handsets yet, Sprint is the only one of the big dogs without an Nokia or HTC WP8 phone to call their

When Will Verizon Get the Nokia Lumia 920?

Microsoft entered into a partnership back in February of 2011 with Nokia to sell smartphones running Windows Phone 7 and later 8. For Microsoft, it was a routine deal with an OEM, for Nokia, they were betting

Sprint cautious about Windows Phone adoption

Interesting snippet from Engadget that describes Sprint’s allged attitude toward the Windows Phone platform. That includes Sprint, which does currently have a Windows Phone in its lineup (and is apparently considering more in the “August-September time period”),