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HP Says Its Windows Spyware Collects Data With User Consent

Basically, we didn’t do anything! HP was quick to respond to the allegations that surface earlier this week about a driver that was automatically deployed on PCs via Windows Update. It not only slowed down computers, but

Did Microsoft Help HP Install Malware On Windows PCs?

Spy much? HP has become the newest big name to be dragged into a spying scandal, as a driver recently snuck through Windows Update and was installed on a number of Windows PCs. The spyware is said

Android Smartphones Are Being Delivered With Spyware Built In

There is a reason why Android has not yet been able to gain corporate acceptance with BYOD and such. And that is security. The platform is far too open, far too susceptible to all manners of threats.

Be careful! Fake Windows 8 Anti-Virus tools are coming

You need to stay VIGILANT! Hackers have started taking advantage of the name Windows 8 and using it to exploit computers. According to security firm McAfee, they have seen a malicious tool called “Win 8 Security system” that claims to

First Windows 8-Specific Malware Arrives

Windows 8 isn’t even out yet and malware is already showing up specifically to target Microsoft’s newest operating system. Austrian-based Security Analyst Peter Kleissner had designed an exploit that is able to load from a hard drive’s