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WindowBlinds 8 Brings Back Aero In Windows 8

Stardock has carved out a name for itself when it comes to UI customization on the Windows platform. Its WindowBlinds software in particular has enjoyed great success over the years. The program offered users of Windows XP

Stardock’s ModernMix Allows Running Windows Store Apps in Windowed Mode

Should you get a Start menu replacement or leave Windows 8 as is? Honestly, I think that it is really about what you want and need. There is no right or wrong answer. Microsoft isn’t budging on

Stardock Decor8 Allows Easy Windows 8 Start UI Customization

Windows 8 brings quite a few changes to the table, including massive speeds improvements when compared to Windows 7. Probably one of the most noticeable changes is the new Start Screen. Some users love, it some hate

Stardock’s Start8 Final Commercial Version is Here, Just $4.99

Part of the nature of Microsoft Windows is the ability to load the programs, apps and UI shells you want– at least in the traditional desktop. There are many Windows users that feel that the newest OS

Microsoft should just add the desktop shortcut in Windows 8 or else…

So here we are doing the dance. Another prediction of mine is coming true. In this post, I said: It is clear to me that forcing users who just aren’t ready for Metro to see it every