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Looking for a Start Menu Replacement? Pokki Announces New Update

When it comes to using Windows 8 in an enterprise environment, there are varied opinions on whether the Start UI helps or holds you back. Honestly, it will probably boil down to preference, and simply getting used

Between Start8 and Pokki At Least 4.5 Million Windows 8 Users Have Brought Back Start Menu

While I’ve personally become accustomed to the new Start UI as a replacement for the traditional Start Menu, it seems that a large number of Windows 8 users are unwilling to let go and move on. Stardock

RetroUI gets yet Another Big Update, Adds Multi-Monitor Support

Remember right before Thanksgiving when we mentioned that the Windows 8 Start menu replacement program RetroUI had received a big update? It seems that they have yet another version ready to go with even more changes and additional support.