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Windows 8.1 Update 1 will move a shutdown button to the start screen FINALLY

Microsoft are making a move that has been requested since the first beta of Windows 8 ever came out. They are finally moving the power/sleep/shutdown button to the Start Screen. As those of you who are using

Start Menu Reviver Brings Tiles To Your Windows Start Menu

The Start Menu and Live Tiles are two of the most talked about features of Windows 8. A new application aims to bring back the Start Menu, but with a Modern twist. Start Menu Reviver is the

Two Windows 8 Start Buttons Now Have 8 Million Downloads Combined

While Windows 8 brought with it a number of sweeping new changes, the most radical of them was the absence of the Start Menu. Six months into release, some users have moved beyond it, but for others

Analyst: Microsoft Should Bring Back The Start Menu ASAP

Months into release, the radical changes introduced with Windows 8 still remain a talking point. More specifically, the lack of a Start Menu in particular is an argument of rising controversy. At the time of release, Microsoft

Analyst: Users Still Can’t Live Without A Windows 8 Start Button

Over four months into the release of Windows 8, this is perhaps the worst kept secret that a lot of users have still not gotten used to the new Start Screen that replaces the classic Start Menu.

Microsoft double down on removing the Start Menu

*sigh* Just when you think that Microsoft understand their users, you hear this. It seems that Microsoft is determined to get rid of the start menu but you knew that already. What I didn’t know is how