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Windows 10 Start Menu May Get A Side Pane Soon

And it’s coming to a PC near you! Looks like Microsoft is planning some new features for the Windows 10 Start Menu, with refinements already out in the open for this highly used element of the OS.

What Is This Surprising New Windows 10 App?

Microsoft can pull a fast one, as well as anyone. But every now and then, the company pulls of a surprising surprise, something which leaves everyone confused. Case in point, a new Windows 10 app that has

How To Open Magnifier In Windows 10

One of the most useful accessibility features included in Windows 10 is the Magnifier. This simple tool enlarges whatever that is being display on the screen. Making it easy to read and view what is being shown,

How To Create Start Menu Folders In Windows 10

What is old is new again. Microsoft finally bought the functionality that was available in its mobile OS to the Windows 10 on computers, that being the ability to create Start menu folders. These are basic folders

Screenshot Shows Windows 9 Start Menu In Action

It’s raining screenshots! We were treated to the first screenshot of an alleged Windows 9 build a day or so back, and now an image appears to show the new Start Menu. You can take a look

Could The Start Menu Be Back With Windows 8.1 Update 3?

Things are moving fast in the world of Windows. With development of the second update for Windows 8.1 currently at an advanced stage, word is that Microsoft have started work on a third refresh. Some rumors that

Windows 8.1 Update 2 Rumored To Be 3GB In Size, Start Menu Not Included

For something that is expected to arrive as early as August, we only have a few nuggets of information available here and there about it. Windows 8.1 Update 2 is, more or less, still a mystery. This

Week In Review (Jun 2 – Jun 6)

This week was all about Computex 2014, the stylish technology extravaganza. And Computex was all about Windows powered devices, from the Intel Core M announcement to radically affordable tablets made possible thanks to Windows 8.1 with Bing.

Microsoft delays the launch of Start Menu, might arrive with Windows 9 in 2015

If you were the type that was still holding out for the new Start Menu to arrive later this year, in the second update for Windows 8.1, then boy, have I got some news for you! There

Week In Review (Apr 21 – Apr 25)

One of those weeks that started great, but finished with aplomb. Microsoft was expected to complete the Nokia takeover deal, however, the company also decided to reveal its quarterly earnings. The onset of the week, however, was