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Two Windows 8 Start Buttons Now Have 8 Million Downloads Combined

While Windows 8 brought with it a number of sweeping new changes, the most radical of them was the absence of the Start Menu. Six months into release, some users have moved beyond it, but for others

Between Start8 and Pokki At Least 4.5 Million Windows 8 Users Have Brought Back Start Menu

While I’ve personally become accustomed to the new Start UI as a replacement for the traditional Start Menu, it seems that a large number of Windows 8 users are unwilling to let go and move on. Stardock

Stardock’s Start8 Final Commercial Version is Here, Just $4.99

Part of the nature of Microsoft Windows is the ability to load the programs, apps and UI shells you want– at least in the traditional desktop. There are many Windows users that feel that the newest OS

You have to love Stardock Software

I am tickled pink by this company. This is the perfect example of capitalism at it’s finest. They saw a need in the market and man did they ever fill it! Stardock have released a near-final build