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Microsoft give more details about Windows 8 Boot Options

Now the updates are coming fast and furious with the Windows 8 development blog. A new post is out called “Designing for PC’s that boot faster than ever before”. In it, Microsoft talk about the challenges of

How Does Windows 8 Boot Faster?

So we all know that Windows 8 will boot a lot faster than previous versions of Windows. It will boot in about ten seconds (That’s compared to what could be anywhere from forty-five seconds to five minutes

Phoenix Technologies launching new BIOS solution for Windows 8

BIOS player Phoenix Technologies has recently announced its latest Phoenix SCT 2.2 solution to assist its PC partners to develop systems based on Windows 8, according to the company. Currently, American Megatrends (AMI) is dominating in the

Windows 8 Will Have Faster, Online-Based Installation

Once upon a time, Windows installations could take well over an hour or more and either were performed by PC techs or those who were fairly savvy with computers. Back in these days upgrading meant loss of

Better Windows Updates in Windows 8

Remember back in the days of Windows Classic (95, 98, ME, 2000) when the simple idea of installing updates to your computer foreshadowed hours spent using a slow computer while the software installed, shutting down, restarting, over

Microsoft punt on fixing the Windows Update problem – what would Steve Jobs have done?

Microsoft was doing so well and now… this.. I had just blogged about how Windows Update restarts needed to be fixed in Windows 8 and voila – Microsoft responded (to the issue not me, I’m not presumptuous). In

Windows 8 Metro Start Screen to Allow Customization

Well it’s about time. In a leaked screenshot of a new release of Windows 8, it seems like there will be the option to customize your Windows 8 device’s Start Screen background. This has been a feature

Is there any Merit to Microsoft Conspiracy to Lockout Linux?

For at least a month or more Linux advocates have made it their mission to spread news about an alleged conspiracy regarding Windows 8. According to these Linux advocates there are certain features and changes in the

Windows 8 Boot Screen: Faster and Trendier

Windows 8, along with all its new interesting features has managed to redesign and provide a completely new boot screen. The computer manufacturer logo will be displayed first followed by the new Windows 8 boot screen instead

Dual Booting Linux Might be Possible in Windows 8 After All

Microsoft responded to the reports of Windows 8 not being able to dual boot Linux because of the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. (UEFI) Tony Mangefeste, senior program manager at Microsoft,  disproved the theory in a blog post last Thursday.