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The Top 5 Windows 8 Features That Small Businesses Will Love

It goes without saying that Windows 8 is very different from previous versions of the Windows Operating System. A lot of small businesses liked Windows XP, skipped Windows Vista and now love Windows 7. With Windows 8 being

Video – Windows 8 RTM instructional cues

So I had spoken earlier about Microsoft including instructional cues on the screen during the Windows 8 RTM setup. Well, Paul Thurrott was kind enough to make a brief video showing exactly what those cues are. Also

Microsoft give more details about Windows 8 Boot Options

Now the updates are coming fast and furious with the Windows 8 development blog. A new post is out called “Designing for PC’s that boot faster than ever before”. In it, Microsoft talk about the challenges of

Very Interesting – Lets talk about Pokki – bringing web based applications to the desktop

So this is something a little (lot) different. Even though this blog is focused like a laser on Windows 8, I came across a company and a product that you might just want to check out. The

Metro processing seems to be a little slow in Windows 8

I have an ExoPC slate device which seems a little slow when running Windows 8. That ironically has turned out to be a blessing. You see, when your hardware is slow, you sometimes get to see the way

Windows 8 on ARM Getting a UEFI OS Lockdown?

Not too long ago we laid to rest the whole conspiracy idea that Microsoft was locking out PCs with Windows 8. What this meant was that alternative OS options like Linux couldn’t install thanks to new technology

Better Windows Updates in Windows 8

Remember back in the days of Windows Classic (95, 98, ME, 2000) when the simple idea of installing updates to your computer foreshadowed hours spent using a slow computer while the software installed, shutting down, restarting, over

Windows 8 Boot Screen: Faster and Trendier

Windows 8, along with all its new interesting features has managed to redesign and provide a completely new boot screen. The computer manufacturer logo will be displayed first followed by the new Windows 8 boot screen instead

Trouble for Linux Users and Windows 8

If you have ever tried dual (or triple) booting your Windows system, you probably know that the current Windows boot manager is completely text-based. Well that has all changed with Windows 8. Microsoft decided to use a

Windows 8 Speed Tests Show That it is Faster at Just About Everything

The need for speed is highly important for all of us, especially when it comes to our computers, cellular devices and most recently, tablets such as the iPad. After all, no one wants to sit and wait