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Windows 8 Loses Nearly Half The User Base In 12 Months

Amid all the Windows 10 hype and the Windows 7 market share news, it’s worth keeping an eye on how Windows 8 is doing. More so, how many users are still on that platform. And why. Statistics

Windows 7 Still Not Showing Any Signs Of Slowing Down

Turn back the clocks to a blustery day in 2009 when Windows 7 was launched with much fanfare, but little did Microsoft know that their hit operating system would still be running strong six years later. Six

Windows 7, Chrome Lead US Charts In StatCounter Data

Market research firm StatCounter has just released its newest data for the month of February 2015, and the numbers offer absolutely nothing in terms of surprises. The US market is all about Windows 7 and the Google

Chart Compares Share Of Windows XP And Windows 8.1

2014 just had to be a tough year for Microsoft as far as operating systems were concerned, what with the retirement of Windows XP and the takeoff of Windows 8.1 hanging in the balance. Luckily, the company

More People Now Using Windows Vista Than Windows 8

And this is a good sign, believe it or not. Channeling a little Robert Ripley here! There is no shortage of people calling Windows 8 the new Vista, what with the modern operating system failing to take

Windows 8.1 Now The Second Most Used Operating System

On the desktop side of things, but that’s where it counts, right? The modern operating system has finally taken over the previous behemoth Windows XP in global usage. Granted, keeping in mind the pace at which one

Windows 8.1 Set To Overtake Windows XP In Usage

Windows XP is losing users at a rapid pace, while Windows 8.1 seems to be gaining them at almost the same exhilarating speed. The OS market share charts are up for a revision soon. While most eyes

Windows Vista Still Has More Users Than Windows 8.1

Now admittedly, this is Windows 8.1 we are talking about, not Windows 8 proper, but the newest statistics show that Windows Visa still has more users than Microsoft’s new operating system. Which is surprising in these sense

Windows 8 User Base Finally Eclipses Windows XP

It took a little longer than expected, but Microsoft’s modern platform, Windows 8, finally has more users than an ancient fan favorite. The recently retired Windows XP. Redmond spared no expense in promoting this new OS, and

Windows 8 And Windows 8.1 Market Share Eclipses Windows XP In Europe

One of the more important regions of the world is now almost off the Windows XP bandwagon. The newest numbers from the Old Continent suggest that Microsoft’s Modern OS is gaining pace. Both Windows 8 and Windows