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Sunset Overdrive Drives To Windows 10

A game long forgotten is forgotten no more. Sunset Overdrive, an exclusive title for Xbox One that launched all the way back in 2014, is coming to Windows 10. To meet public demand. This was one of

SteamVR For Windows Mixed Reality Headsets Almost Ready

That was, shall we say, fast. Buzz among the bees is that Windows Mixed Reality headsets are about to get SteamVR support in just a few days from now, which should make these devices a lot more

Have Steam Users Abandoned Windows 10?

What have we here! It looks like Steam users are not all that pleased with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, as Microsoft’s newest operating system recoded a massive drop last month. The gaming platform has traditionally

Dell Visor Windows Mixed Reality Headset Preorders Open

We’re getting closer! Preorders for the Dell Visor Windows Mixed Reality headset, which was made official at IFA this year, are now open. Both as a standalone device, and a bundle. Microsoft has already confirmed that these

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets Will Not Support Steam Initially

Well, this is just grand! Microsoft amped up the excitement levels to eleven by announcing that the upcoming Windows Mixed Reality headsets will feature support for Steam content. In other words, these new affordable units would be

Microsoft All Set To Democratize Virtual Reality

The VR competition is as strong as ever, but that is not stopping Microsoft from diving headfirst into the field. In fact, Redmond is so confident that it believes it is set to democratize virtual reality. In

Some Gamers Have Had Enough Of Windows 10

Why, oh why, would you want to degrade back to Windows 10? Yes, Windows 10 is not without its issues, but as an operating system it is a country mile ahead of previous versions. Including Windows 7,

Windows 8.1 Soars On Steam, Surges Ahead Of Windows 8

PC gamers love a good operating system, and they absolutely adore a great one. Windows 8, all things considered, was a good, solid platform. Windows 8.1 builds upon it, and improves it further. As a result, the

Windows 7 Loses A Large Number Of Users On Steam

The market share data from PC gaming service Steam is a fairly stable indication of what operating systems users (or rather gamers) are using in any given month. But this time around, there seems to be trouble

Alienware To Launch Its $549 Steam Machine This Year Running Windows 8.1

Gabe Newell, the force behind the Steam platform really turned up the heat at the launch of Windows 8, calling Microsoft’s modern operating system a catastrophe. Although Valve recently decided to delay the Steam Machine platform until