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Week In Review (Oct 6 – Oct 10)

The calm after the storm? Microsoft dropped a bombshell a couple of weeks back by announcing Windows 10, and the release of the Technical Preview at the very start of this month has provided us with some

New Book Claims Stephen Elop Was Just A Bad CEO For Nokia

Stephen Elop had a pretty thankless job when he took charge of Nokia as CEO. His association with Microsoft and the decision of adopting Windows Phone 7 however made it even more thankless. Technology circles started calling

Microsoft Wants To Mass Produce Large Touch Screens

Now this is an endeavor everyone can get behind! Microsoft seems bent on making large touch screens go mainstream, and the company is ready to do what’s needed in getting this done. Redmond acquired Perceptive Pixel for

Analyst Foresees More Job Cuts At Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella surprised the world with a massive 18,000 job cut earlier this month, but it appears that this was just the start. The company might announce more layoffs soon. That is, if we go

Nokia Went With Windows Phone Due To Samsung’s Android Dominance

There was a time, not too long ago, that Samsung was a nonentity in the mobile world. Companies like Nokia and Motorola were ruling the roost, with absolute authority. Needless to say both giants have been through

Stephen Elop, Satya Nadella Are Committed To Bing And Xbox, Says Executive

A bit ironic considering Stephen Elop, when he was in the running for the CEO role, reportedly said that he was open to spinning off these two division. Back then it struck many with surprise. But irrespective

Stephen Elop To Head The Devices And Gaming Business At Microsoft

What, time for big changes, already? The recent face of Nokia, Stephen Elop, had been one of the frontrunners in the race for Microsoft CEO, right up until Satya Nadella was chosen earlier this month. But according

Take Our Poll: Who would be a better CEO, Nadella or Elop?

So it’s Friday and it’s time for a little mischief poll. The issue of who Microsoft’s CEO will be seems to be something that will be resolved soon and that’s a good thing. While there are many

The United States DOJ Also Approves The Microsoft Nokia Deal

Another milestone achieved. Microsoft is now closer than ever to finalizing its buyout of Nokia’s mobile devices and services unit after getting approval from another important regulatory body. The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has green

Stephen Elop Is The Obvious Choice For Microsoft Leadership, Claims Expert

Redmond may still be searching for its next CEO, but one can guess things are moving towards the final stretch now with the various public comments made on the matter. And while the last report on the