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Senior Windows And Office Executive, Antoine Leblond, Departs Microsoft

It is always a significant occasion when you spend 9,000 days at a company and then decide to part ways. This is what Antoine Leblond is doing, as Microsoft continues making upper management changes. According to this

Steven Sinofsky Now Working As An Advisor For Cloud Storage Startup Box

I guess we can now safely strike off one name of the list. No many, if any, believed Steven Sinofsky could return back to lead Microsoft after the retirement of Steve Ballmer. And now we can be

Week In Review (July 27 – Aug 2)

The biggest news this past week was undoubtedly the revamp and bright new redesign of the website. Elsewhere, the world of Windows was made up of rumors, reports, and other such news. Primary among it all stood

Here Are The Seven Rivals That Microsoft Doesn’t Want Sinofsky To Join

Steven Sinofsky parted ways with Microsoft back in November. The leader of the Windows 8 development team caused quite a stir in the technology world when he left Redmond, as it was just a few weeks after

Steven Sinofsky Will Receive A $14.2 Million Retirement Package

Steven Sinofsky may have exited Microsoft without a sound last year, but the former high-profile executive has been regularly in the news ever since. Reports started to pop up occasionally about the reasons behind his exit, along

Week In Review (May 27 – May 31)

This week was all about Windows 8.1, codename Windows Blue. Microsoft promised a comprehensive unveiling of its anticipated new operating system before the end of the month, and true to its word, detailed several of its new

Steven Sinofsky Again Defends Windows 8, Says He Is Happy With Sales

It has been a while since we have heard from Steven Sinofsky, the former Windows boss who decided to part ways with Microsoft soon after the launch of Windows 8, the company’s newest operating system he helped

So What If Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Just Quit One Day? Succession Planning At Microsoft

So all the Steve Ballmer bashing got me thinking the other day, if he just up and left, who would be the natural replacement for him? When you get past all the hateful rhetoric and some of

Steven Sinofsky talks about “managing through disagreement”

This is a good one for therapists and psychologists in training. In a post that will no doubt be scrutinized in coming days, former Windows chief Steven Sinofsky put together a VERY comprehensive post on the practice

Week In Review (Jan 14 – Jan 18)

This week is the proverbial calm before the storm. The storm, in this case, is the release of Surface Pro. Or Surface with Window 8 Pro as Microsoft likes to label it. Whatever you call it, industry