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Good Luck Finding The Acer Mixed Reality Headset

Either they made only ten of these, or there really is very high demand for the Acer mixed reality headset. Sales of which went live…


Surface Mini Rumors Sees Microsoft Shares Go Up

Shares and stocks are funny business. The littlest of things can affect perception and see prices fluctuate. Case in point is the feel-good factor of…


Another Analyst Confirms Slow Windows 8 Sales To The Wall Street Journal

If there is one thing that should be next on Microsoft’s agenda, it is to step in front of the world and use the media…


Microsoft Loans $2 Billion To Help Dell Go Private

The Dell privatization saga makes a very significant turn as the company has announced a deal to go private. And as speculated, Microsoft could soon…


AMD announces earnings, not that strong, looking forward to Windows 8

Processor maker AMD generated $1.57 billion in revenues in its April-June quarter. The results were just slightly below the company’s revenues of $1.65 billion for the…


Did Microsoft’s stock price go up on a Windows 8 rumor?

Shares of Microsoft (MSFT) were up 94 cents, or almost 4%, at $25.24 yesterday on what would appear to be an accelerated time frame for…