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Microsoft Shares Record The Biggest Gain In 12 Months

It’s amazing what just a little push in the right direction can do. Most analysts seem to suggest that Microsoft is not doing very well now, some naysayers even predicting total doom and gloom. Obviously the slow

ValueAct: Microsoft Could Potentially Become The World’s Largest Company

The hottest news last night was about ValueAct Capital, the hedge-fund that took over a $2 billion stake in Microsoft.  ValueAct founder Jeffery Ubben promised a statement later in the day. And now is reporting Jeffery

ValueAct Buys A $2 Billion Stake In Microsoft

Microsoft last week released its financial details for the first quarter of the year, revealing that it generated more than $20 billion in revenue and well over $6 billion in net income. Now reports are coming in

Microsoft Q3 Financials out – strong numbers but Windows revenue is flat

Microsoft have just released its fiscal Q3 2013 statement and it’s a little bit of a mixed bag. “The bold bets we made on cloud services are paying off as people increasingly choose Microsoft services including Office

Lenovo saw huge demand for their tablets and hardware in the last quarter

Um, wow I did not see this coming. CNET is reporting that they saw a huge demand for tablets during the 4th calendar quarter of 2012. Lenovo saw tablet shipments spike in its most recent reported quarter,

Why Steven Sinofsky Will Never Run Out Of Pocket Change

The tech world got a shake (and a stir) a couple of days back when the news hit that Steven Sinofsky, the President of the Windows Division at a little company called Microsoft, left the company. Here

In light of Mr Sinofsky’s departure, Microsoft has the following challenges

I was out with my son last night when my cousin sent me a text message saying “Holy Cow – Sinofsky’s gone!”. CRAZY. The President of Microsoft’s Windows division has moved on barely 2 + weeks after

Steve Ballmer sends Microsoft shareholders a message

In a letter to the Microsoft shareholders, Steve Ballmer talks about the amazing transformation that his company is going through. He describes somewhat eloquently the transformation that is occuring within the software giants different business lines. The

Beware of analysts predictions regarding Windows 8

So the drumbeat has started and the analysts are starting to confirm what we knew all along – they have their heads in their asses. Apparently analysts are starting to predict the demise of Windows 8 –

Apple had a SPECTACULAR quarter

Apple yesterday announced its Q1 2012 results. They reported $11.6 billion in profit from $39.2 billion revenue — an increase from the $5.99 billion profit and $24.67 billion revenue reported in Q1 2011. They sold 35.1 million iPhones