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OneDrive Automatic Folder Protection Now Available

Available to all, that is to say. Microsoft has started rolling out the automation folder protection feature for OneDrive for all users. This was previously a business only option. But since Redmond means business, it has made

Microsoft Unveils New OneDrive Improvements

Microsoft SharePoint Conference North America is in full flow today, and the software titan has made some big announcements. OneDrive got a look at the event as well, and a very good look at that. Redmond detailed

How To Clean Up Junk Files With Storage Sense In Windows 10

Your PC can quietly fill up with useless junk, without you even knowing where these junk files are scattered. Microsoft introduced the new Storage sense feature for just this purpose. It is not exactly feature rich in

How To Change The Location Where New Apps Are Installed

Previous versions of Windows only allowed you to save and install your programs in one of the attached hard drives on the PC, but Windows 10 can have apps installed from the Store to several different areas.

Intel SSD 545s Review: The Best Budget Buy Around

Intel has roared back into action with its latest SSD launch, the 545s, which provides the consumer space with an affordable yet fast package, ticking all the right boxes in the process. At $180 for the 512GB

Samsung Wants 128GB Storage In Budget Smartphones

Now this is the sort of a noble idea everyone can get behind! Advancements in flash storage means new type of chips are possible. And Samsung is at the forefront of these technology innovations. The Korean giant

Office 365 Subscribers Now Get Unlimited OneDrive Storage

Bring it on! The only question remains, what took Microsoft so long. The company is now providing Office 365 subscribers with unlimited OneDrive storage space. Previously, this was limited to 1TB. With Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella putting

Windows 8.1 Devices Can Now Save Storage Space Via WIMBoot Install Method

There are many that believe OEMs do not care about the free space that is left on the device after an operating system is installed. Many 16GB capacity smartphones and tablets, end up with just around 7GB

The Cloud Storage Price War Begins, As Google Drive Gets A Massive Discount

You’ve got to hand it to Google. The search engine giant knows all the tricks in the book when it comes to barging in via free offerings or, in this case, ridiculous ones. Back in the good

OneDrive Launch Imminent, Microsoft Plans To Give Away 8GB Of Free Space

After the official confirmation that Microsoft’s cloud storage service would be renamed from SkyDrive to OneDrive, all eyes are on when the relaunch will happen, and whether it will include some new features. The answer to both