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Microsoft Celebrates The Opening Of Its 36th Retail Store

Redmond has officially reached another important milestone for its retail outlets. The company has officially opened is 36th retail store in Dadeland Mall in Miami. The new store occupies 3,000 square feet (that is 278 square meters,

Microsoft Confirms More Specialty Store Opening Dates

Microsoft sure does seem to like the retail business. Since changing directions from a software provider to a devices and services company, Redmond has increased its focus on opening more and more Microsoft Stores across the United

Cheering Crowds Welcome Microsoft's Surface Tablet

Microsoft’s Surface tablet went on sale to cheering crowds today, marking one of the most important product launches in Microsoft’s history. About 100 people waited outside of the Microsoft Store in Boston and many other stores nationwide

Microsoft expands US store footprint in time for the holiday season

Microsoft has indicated that it plans to open a slew of stores across the US this holiday season. 32 locations will span 20 US states in addition to shops in British Columbia, Toronto, and Alberta, Canada. Holiday