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Windows Phone Market Share Has Now Dropped To Just 2.7%

According to Strategy Analytics, that is. Microsoft’s mobile operating platform is going through a rather interesting phase right now, with new models, increasing consumer interest, and overall acceptance. But the past few months have really dampened things

Around 10.2 Million Windows Phone Shipped In Q3 2013

Nokia is breaking its own records as shipments and sales of Lumia devices constantly increase. While other Windows Phone partners may technically be fighting for crumbs, combined they have helped Microsoft’s mobile platform hit another fantastic milestone.

New Strategy Analytics Data Reveals A Big Boost In Windows Phone Sales

Some very interesting mobile phone statistics are just in, this time from market research firm Strategy Analytics. The same firm that confirmed back in February that Windows Phone has finally surpassed BlackBerry to become the third biggest

Windows Tablets Now Make Up 7.5% Of The Market

windows_tablet_marketshare.jpg Like most hardware vendors that make Windows-based tablets, Microsoft still has not graced the world with the sales numbers for Surface slates. But that is not stopping market research firms from jumping in to help. New