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Xbox Entertainment Studios Shutting Down, MixRadio Future Uncertain

Boy, Microsoft sure is trigger happy today! We have a few more causalities of the reorganization and job cuts that the software titan announce earlier in the day. Entertainment causalities, this time, by the way. Nokia’s popular

All Microsoft Divisions Affected By Layoffs, Including Windows

The winds of change. Microsoft’s recent job cuts are the talk of the town right now as the company announced earlier today that it plans to fire a total of 18,000 employees over the next 12 months.

We Have Just 14% Share Of The Devices Market, Confirms Microsoft

The new reality. Long gone are the days when Microsoft had shares upwards of 90% in the digital world. The mobile revolution has given rise to new titans, while stunning old ones. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, now

Microsoft Announces $99 Windows Tablets, $250 Notebooks

Redmond sure is on a roll. The magical figure of $99 for Windows powered tablets has now officially been confirmed by the company at the prestigious WPC 2014 event. Chief operating officer Kevin Turner revealed at the

Windows Reportedly Available For Free For Sub $250 Devices

One good thing follows another, or something like that? Redmond is already offering free Windows licenses to OEMs that build devices with displays smaller than 9 inches. But according to a new report, the company might expand

Microsoft To Release Two 3D Touch Windows Phones This Year

Say what you may, but the difference between the midrange and high end Windows Phones usually comes down to a few extra megapixels, and few extra inches. There just are not that many differentiating factors between the

Microsoft Aims To Conquer 50% Of The Tablet Market

In Japan, that is. This is one country that has really taken to Windows powered tablets in recent months. Large hardware vendors like ASUS and Toshiba have released many such models in the local market. And while

Microsoft Planning Cost And Job Cuts After Nokia Takeover

Something like this was always on the cards, I guess. Back when the Nokia acquisition was completed, Microsoft welcome all Nokia employees that were spread over 130 sites in 50 countries worldwide. Thing is, the software giant

Microsoft Opens Transparency Center To Allow Governments Access To Source Code

Amid the fury and furor from the Chinese government that the newer versions of Windows came with a secret backdoor, Microsoft have now announced the opening of their first Transparency Center. The software titan already had a

Windows Threshold Merges Windows Phone With Windows RT

Talk that Microsoft is set to merge its two ARM based operating systems, Windows Phone and Windows RT, is not new. Although we are yet to get any confirmation when this might actually happen. But some new