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Windows 10 Users Can Now Stream Netflix In HDR

Finally! Netflix has just announced that Windows 10 users now have the ability to stream the service in high dynamic range, and this news comes about a year after support for 4K for the platform. HDR, if

Download The Official Twitch App For Windows 10

Months of experiments and beta testing have led to this moment. The moment when the official Twitch app for Windows 10 has been made available for download. It’s a desktop client, designed for both the Windows and

Microsoft’s Game Streaming Service Reportedly Called Rio

When it comes to its competitors, Redmond has one immediate and remarkable advantage. Thanks in no small parts to its Xbox line of console, gaming is one area where Microsoft has Google, Apple and friends thoroughly beat.

Microsoft Ready To Take On Streaming Services With Xbox Music Expansion

One area that several technology circles have criticized Microsoft in is that the technology titan has not been much of a pioneer in the past few years. Some may go even as far as saying that the

SkyDrive Not Getting The Rumored Music Player, After All

Back in December it was reported that Microsoft would be adding a music player to its SkyDrive service. Needless to say, the rumored possibilities of cloud streaming audio got several users excited. Now it appears that this

Microsoft To Offer Web Version Of Xbox Music After Windows 8.1 Launch

It is remarkable to think that Windows 8 is more than just another operating system. For Microsoft at least, it has been a brand new platform, from day one, to build upon. Almost everything in the new

Xbox Music Ad-supported Streaming Live Now

Xbox Music is finally here and represents the evolution of Microsoft’s Zune media service. For those that already have Windows 8, you will be pleased to know that an update for Music is now available and will

Microsoft Xbox Music offers free basic streaming

I have always been a fan of the Zune ecosystem, even if it never really caught on. In particular, I loved its media store and streaming services in the later part of its life. That being said,