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Organizations Need Even More Extended Windows XP Support

Microsoft pulled the plug on one of its most popular operating system, effectively ending Windows XP support earlier this year. April 8, to be exact. Needless to say, even with a high amount of early warnings, several

Research Finds Microsoft As More Trusted And Essential Than Apple And Samsung

You’d have to think really hard to find a technology company that is more engaged (and trying to innovate) on multiple fronts than Microsoft. It is competing with Google, Apple and other market leaders in various fields.

Application Compatibility Is The Main Reason For Delay From XP Switch

Microsoft has amped up its efforts to move users away from Windows XP to a newer version of its operating system. And with around six months remaining between now and retirement, this really is the final stretch.

A High Number Of Windows 8 Users Go For A Third Party Antivirus, Study Shows

Microsoft has really amped up its focus on security in the modern versions of its flagship OS. Windows 8, for example, comes with its own security software, Windows Defender, which is installed by default. Initially Redmond only

Study Shows Internet Explorer Crashes More Often Than Firefox And Chrome

One thing Microsoft has pulled off very successfully in the last couple of years is significantly improving Internet Explorer. The last couple of versions available with Windows 8 and 8.1 are proof enough. Just like other popular

New Microsoft Study Shows Many People Like To Use Social Networks At Work

Access to social networks like Facebook and Twitter is blocked at most workplaces, with most businesses limiting these websites on the work PCs of their employees. But a new study conducted by Microsoft shows that many people

Microsoft: Only 47 Percent Of Online Users Try To Protect Their Privacy

Microsoft has put up a new brand new survey that shows that while a large number of people are concerned with their online privacy, it appears that far fewer actually make efforts to protect it. In a

Windows Applications Crash Almost Two Times A Week On Average

Statistics sure do have a consoling, comforting and reassuring side to them. While the days of frequent program crashes are behind us, applications still do give up on users and crash every now and then. Every now

Here Is A List Of The Most Reliable Windows PCs Currently Available

It is not particularly easy classifying the most reliable Windows computers that are on the market right now, what with all the variables involved, but that is not stopping Soluto from trying. The research firm (and software

Microsoft: Small Businesses Lose $24 Billion A Year To Non-IT Workers

Ah, another fine morning and another fine Microsoft-commissioned research. Redmond contracted AMI-Partners to run a study of 538 IITMs working in small businesses in various countries. IITMs, is what the company calls ‘involuntary IT managers’. Smart. The