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Microsoft Showcases 4th Of July Apps On The Windows Store

The big day is almost here for America, and Microsoft is ready to celebrate the moment. The company has just created a special new section on the Windows Store for the 4th of July. The business of

Microsoft Highlights Windows 8.1 Apps To Experience New Music

It has been a while since we have seen a new spotlight category, but the Windows Store team has just put one up. And boy, it sure is a treat for the music lovers amongst you. This

Back To School Subcategory Shows Up On The Windows Store

It has been a while since we have had one, but the windows Store team at Microsoft has put up a new Back to School subsection in order to showcase several Metro apps, both for parents and

New Windows Store Subcategory Helps You Find Gifts For Your Grad

Microsoft has just put up a new temporary software section in the US version of its store, with the aim of helping consumers find the perfect gift for a grad. And as you would expect, where there

Road Trip Subcategory Shows Up On The Windows Store

The Windows Store team sure does know how to pick creative subjects for the subcategories it regularly puts up on the app repository. Case in point is the latest one that just showed up. This new temporary

Here Are The Apps To Bring Windows 8, Windows Phone And Xbox 360 Together

Got to admit, the various special subsections that Microsoft creates on its Windows Store do showcase the creativity of the people behind the scenes. Take this latest one for example. Microsoft has just rolled out a special

Best Weather Apps Showcase Pops Up On The Windows Store

Another day, another new category on the Windows Store! The News and Weather category on Microsoft’s flagship apps repository is brimming with apps, and now Microsoft is showcasing a selection. This new subcategory is for users that