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Superman And Tesla Windows Phones Coming Soon

We learned that Microsoft was planning the release of three new Windows Phone 8.1 handsets in the near future, one of which was said to be a midrange device and another a high-end one. But it now

Week In Review (Apr 27 – May 2)

Another glorious week for Microsoft comes to an end, and it sure was full of things that make the technology world go around. You know, stuff like declining market share statistics, lingering lawsuit wins, hints about upcoming

Nokia Superman Is Microsoft’s First Smartphone, Focuses On Selfies

Superman is considered by many to be the first comic superhero, and appropriately Microsoft have chosen this codename for the first smartphone they will launch after the Nokia acquisition. And since selfies are the in thing at

Superman And Moonraker Are The Codenames Of Upcoming Nokia Devices

Nokia recently lifted the veil of its new lineup of Lumia handsets. The Lumia 630 and 930 are out in public knowledge, but that also means that several new handsets might be in development. Devices like the

Limited Edition Man Of Steel Lumia 925 Rumored For June Release

Now this is a rumor that will surely not surprise those of you that are as interested in cinema as you are in mobile technology. Nokia seems all set to continue its partnership with DC Comics and

Lumia Windows Phone 8 Owners Gets Exclusive Man Of Steel App

Nokia once again continues to bring exclusive goodies to its customer base, this time partnering with Warner Bros. for its upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel. Lumia Windows Phone 8 owners can now get their hands on