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Surface Book 2 Suffers From Battery Drain, Microsoft Admits

The recently released Surface Book 2 may be a monster when it comes to performance, but even monsters have their issues. And one such problem is now official. As in, Microsoft has confirmed it. According to this

Surface Book 2 Terribly Tough To Repair

Comes as no surprise, but the new Surface Book 2 is not exactly an easy product to repair. This has been revealed by iFixit, where the teardown experts gave Microsoft’s ultimate laptop a low repairability score. Of

Every Surface Generation Is Getting Better, Claims Microsoft

Microsoft has a good thing going with the Surface, with each new product bringing to the table its own unique mix of style and performance that is well received by most buyers. Yes, there have been cases

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Launches

It’s here. Right on track, Microsoft has officially released the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which is now the latest version of the operating system that brings with it a host of new additions. Redmond made the

Don’t Expect A New Surface Book Until 2018

Mary Jo Foley has spoken! With each passing month, the Surface Book keeps getting long in the tooth, as far as its hardware is concerned. But it appears that Microsoft is in no hurry to launch a

Mystery Surface Device Coming Next Month?

Any bets? It appears that Microsoft still has a few surprises left for the year, as the company is said to be ready to unveil a new Surface device at an event next month. Word is that

Did Intel Just Show Off The Next Surface Book?

Talk about an accidental reveal! Intel, in announcing its 8th generation lineup of Core processors, may just have provided us with a look at the follow up to the Microsoft Surface Book. Or whatever Microsoft is creating