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Surface Hub 2S And Surface Hub 2X Are Here

Or rather, they will be here soon, um, soonish. Microsoft has announced Surface Hub 2S and Surface Hub 2X, splitting the release of the Surface Hub 2 into two, in a somewhat surprising move. Previous intel on

Microsoft Announces Surface Hub 2

If you’ve been wondering where the Surface Hub 2 has been, wonder no more! Microsoft has made the device official, and it looks a country mile better than the first effort. Of course, we already had a

Surface Hub 2 Is Coming This Year

But will it as successful as the original digital whiteboard, that be the question? We have signs that Microsoft is ready to launch Surface Hub 2 sometimes this year. This new generation device is set to be

Don’t Expect A New Surface Book Until 2018

Mary Jo Foley has spoken! With each passing month, the Surface Book keeps getting long in the tooth, as far as its hardware is concerned. But it appears that Microsoft is in no hurry to launch a