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Surface Pro 2 Tablet No Longer Available For Purchase

The Surface Pro 2 tablet was more of an evolutionary step forward for Microsoft, compared to the original Surface Pro, but the company really turned up the heat with the Surface Pro 3. And now the technology

Surface Pro 2 Gets A New $200 Discount

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is almost upon us, and that means only one thing. Retailers are cutting prices of the second generation tablet in order to clear out inventories and entice buyers that were holding out their

Microsoft Releases New Updates For Surface 2 And Surface Pro 2

Owners of the second generation Surface models now have access to new updates that take care of a few of the reported bugs and bring a few enhancements to their devices. Part of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday update

Microsoft Offers Students A Discounted Surface Pro 2

Released late last year, the Surface Pro 2 is not just an excellent tablet, it iss by far the finest device put up by Microsoft in quite a while. The second generation unit rounds up several issues

Surface Pro 2 WiFi Access Slowed Down By A Bluetooth Bug

Oh, Surface WiFi bugs, we meet again! Microsoft it appears still has a little extra mile to go before they can master the wireless connectivity situation on their Surface line of tablets. The original Surface RT suffered

Microsoft Is Still Shipping Surface Pro 2 Tablets With Slower Processor

Hardware is tough, tough business, and Microsoft is finding this fact out with each passing month. Making wholesales changes in software is not always the easiest of things, but hardware is a totally different ball game. Take

Firmware Updates Incoming For Surface 2, Surface Pro And Surface Pro 2

More Surface news. Patch Tuesday is here, and Microsoft has just announced that three of the four Surface tablets are getting new firmware in this round of updates. The Surface 2, along with Surface Pro and Surface

Microsoft Releases Firmware Updates For Surface Tablets To Fix Critical Issues

While January saw a scattered release of firmware for the Surface tablets, the technology wizards over at Redmond have returned to their regularly scheduled programming this month. The company has released updates for Surface slates alongside Patch

January 2014 Patch Tuesday Updates Now Available, Surface Pro Firmware Also Out

A very special Patch Tuesday update is now out. Microsoft has just launched the first updates for the year that take care of six different vulnerabilities in various software. While Windows, Office and Dynamic AX all get

Microsoft Silently Upgrades Surface Pro 2 Processor

Tablets powered by Windows 8.1 Pro may be a step behind other solutions when it comes to firmware and driver issues, but boy, adding and subtracting hardware elements in these devices is certified snap. We can thank