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LTE Surface Pro Preorders Open

Although we still don’t have an iota of confirmation from Redmond on this, a UK retailer has gone ahead and opened preorders for the LTE Surface Pro, a new variant of the tablet that looks set for

Consumer Reports No Longer Recommends Any Surface

Not one single Microsoft Surface device! The US based independent review journal Consumer Reports has withdrawn its coveted recommended status for all hardware under the Surface umbrella. This, following the survey of 90,000 tablet and laptop users

Microsoft Said To Be Developing A 13 Or 14 Inch Surface Pro Tablet

Big is in! It appears that the Surface Pro tablet lineup is on the right track, as Microsoft is said to be hard at work on expanding it with some notable new models. Notable, in the sense

Surface Pro 2 Tablet No Longer Available For Purchase

The Surface Pro 2 tablet was more of an evolutionary step forward for Microsoft, compared to the original Surface Pro, but the company really turned up the heat with the Surface Pro 3. And now the technology

Confirmation That Microsoft Is Working On A New Surface Pro

They say that work on Windows never stops at Microsoft. And now you can add the Surface tablets to this list. A new Surface Pro model saw daylight just a few months back. And you can bet

Surface Pro 3, Day 2: Look and feel

For Day 2 of the 30 Days with Surface Pro 3 series, I took the tablet out of the box and examined its physical look and feel. The Surface Pro 3 is very different from its predecessors

Microsoft Releases A New Surface Pro 3 Firmware Update

The new tablet is in on the action, as are some older generation Surface units. The new firmware release is part of the company’s Update Tuesday cycle for August 2014. Surface RT, Surface Pro and the Surface

Hotel Provides Surface Pro Tablets To Guests In Every Room

The revolution is slowly but surely coming. The age of Windows powered tablet is finally upon us with the Surface line leading the charge, and other vendors following with their own solutions. And now businesses and enterprises

Firmware Updates Incoming For Surface 2, Surface Pro And Surface Pro 2

More Surface news. Patch Tuesday is here, and Microsoft has just announced that three of the four Surface tablets are getting new firmware in this round of updates. The Surface 2, along with Surface Pro and Surface

Microsoft Releases Firmware Updates For Surface Tablets To Fix Critical Issues

While January saw a scattered release of firmware for the Surface tablets, the technology wizards over at Redmond have returned to their regularly scheduled programming this month. The company has released updates for Surface slates alongside Patch