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Firmware Updates Incoming For Surface 2, Surface Pro And Surface Pro 2

More Surface news. Patch Tuesday is here, and Microsoft has just announced that three of the four Surface tablets are getting new firmware in this round of updates. The Surface 2, along with Surface Pro and Surface

Microsoft Releases Firmware Updates For Surface Tablets To Fix Critical Issues

While January saw a scattered release of firmware for the Surface tablets, the technology wizards over at Redmond have returned to their regularly scheduled programming this month. The company has released updates for Surface slates alongside Patch

January 2014 Patch Tuesday Updates Now Available, Surface Pro Firmware Also Out

A very special Patch Tuesday update is now out. Microsoft has just launched the first updates for the year that take care of six different vulnerabilities in various software. While Windows, Office and Dynamic AX all get

Surface 2 Complete Bundle Available Just Today For $149

After surfacing in rumors last week, this amazing new deal has now gone live. Part of Microsoft’s promotional 12 Days of Deals discount campaign, Surface fans can now treat themselves to something very special. We first heard

Microsoft Selling The Surface Pro $150 Below List Price On Cyber Monday

Redmond has offered its Surface tablets at some very special prices on Black Friday, and now the company has prepared another amazing deal for the Surface Pro. As part of its Cyber Monday promotion, the 64GB and

Microsoft Kicks Off Brand New Surface Pro Contest

Not many would have imagined that the original Surface Pro would be coming back into the spotlight after the release of the second generation slates, but here we are. Redmond has just launched a new contest for

Surface, Surface 2 And Surface Pro Get A New Set Of Improvements

The second week of a new month in the Microsoft world is always filled with software and firmware updates for many of its products, and this one is no different. Along with November’s Patch Tuesday updates, Redmond

Microsoft Announces Another $100 Price Cut For The Original Surface Pro

Redmond starting shipping out its second generation Surface tablets earlier this week, and with these new and improved units on the market, the company is doing all it can to clear out inventories. Microsoft had already rolled

Surface Brand Was Confusing Early On, Admits Microsoft

Redmond is all poised to unleash its second generation Surface lineup. Only two devices are on track for arrival later this month, in a variety of flavors, but more models have been promised by the technology titan

Best Buy Ready To Offer Up To $350 For Your Surface Tablet

Microsoft is gearing up to unleash its second generation Surface tablets later this month, and as expected, its partners are also joining in the fun as they roll out new promotions and programs to make the most