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Surface Pro Gets New Firmware Ahead Of Windows 8.1 Release

It goes without saying that if you are a proud Surface Pro owner, the thing you are most looking for your shiny slate is Windows 8.1, the first ever refresh of Microsoft’s operating system which will obviously

First Generation Surface Pro Will Still Be Available From Commercial Resellers

All the attention in the world is shifting towards the second generation Surface tablets, with both the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 now available for preorder. Microsoft will push all its weight behind making the

First Generation Surface Pro Is Now Officially Discontinued

There already are a million things that are different between the original RT and the original Surface Pro, and now you can add another one to the list. The Pro is officially discontinued seven months into launch.

Second Generation Surface Pro Trade-In Program Very Likely

Microsoft recently put forward, very quietly, an iPad to Surface trade-in program on its Windows Store, whereby it is offering a minimum of $200 for users that want to trade in their Apple slate. This new promotion

Surface Slates Will Not Get Firmware Updates This Month

You may already be aware that there is a little event scheduled for September 23 in New York City where Microsoft plans to official unveil its second generation Surface tablets. And this means that Microsoft has had

Microsoft Plans To Spend Millions To Promote Surface 2

You have got to hand it out to Microsoft. Just like a certain John Hammond character portrayed brilliantly by Richard Attenborough in the film Jurassic Park, Redmond likes to spare no expense when it comes to promotion

Microsoft Reportedly Preparing A Surface Docking Station

Redmond is all set to unveil its first ever yearly refresh of the Surface tablets later this month at an event in New York. But along with second generation slates, the company has also been working on

Week In Review (Sep 2 – Sep 6)

If you came here expecting a bigger story for the week than the Nokia acquisition by Microsoft, then prepare to be disappointed. While not totally unexpected, the buyout of the Finnish telecom giant’s devise and services business

More Details About The Surface 2 Kickstand Emerge

Further proving the notion that when it rains it pours, we now have even more Surface 2 rumors! More specifically, we have details regarding the enhanced kickstand of the upcoming tablet. We first learned about some of

Surface Pro 2 Will Come With Intel Haswell And More Memory, Says Report

You know it’s a bit of a special day when rumors about both the Surface RT and the Surface Pro reach the web. Microsoft is pretty mum on the details, but the flow of information from other