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Windows 8 Live Tiles Lawsuit

Microsoft Wins The Windows 8 Live Tiles Lawsuit

Remember the Windows 8 Live Tiles lawsuit? Sure you don’t. This fluffy little piece of litigation has been an ongoing process ever since the debut…


Court Date Set For Windows 8 Live Tiles Case

The live tiles that make up the Windows 8 Start Screen are one of the best (and more important) features of Microsoft’s new operating system….


SurfCast’s Lawsuit Against MIcrosoft’s Live Tiles Set for September 3rd of 2013

You might remember hearing back in November about Microsoft being sued over live tiles by a company called Surfcast. According to Surfcast they have…


SurfCast Going After Microsoft for using Live Tiles

Apparently the “live tiles” that we’ve been seeing with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are now sparking a lawsuit. An operating system technology designer…


Microsoft Sued by SurfCast over Alleged Windows 8 Patent Violation

This had to happen sooner or later – the lawsuit(s), that is. Not a week after the launch of Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows…