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Young Ones In The UK Are More Interested In Tablets Than Smartphones

Smartphones and tablets are the two cornerstones of the ongoing mobile revolution. PC usage has suffered as a result, particularly when consuming media and mobile devices are seemingly on an unstoppable rise. But while the increasingly powerful

Survey Shows Rise In Tablet And Phone Usage Is Cutting Into Time Spent On PC

It is no secret that smartphones and tablets are changing the very face of computing. These mobile devices have, for some time now, been cutting into the market share of personal computers, both desktops and notebooks. Now

New Microsoft Study Shows Many People Like To Use Social Networks At Work

Access to social networks like Facebook and Twitter is blocked at most workplaces, with most businesses limiting these websites on the work PCs of their employees. But a new study conducted by Microsoft shows that many people

Microsoft: Only 47 Percent Of Online Users Try To Protect Their Privacy

Microsoft has put up a new brand new survey that shows that while a large number of people are concerned with their online privacy, it appears that far fewer actually make efforts to protect it. In a

Nokia Beats Apple, Samsung And HTC In Customer Satisfaction

Nokia’s return to form may well turn out to be the biggest comeback from near death story in technology in recent times. And one of the biggest factors in this success story is surely the high customer

This one’s for you – What do you want to see in Windows Blue or Windows 8.1?

So there have been a lot of rumors on the web lately about Windows 8.1 and how many changes are going to be made to Windows 8. The real question though is not what the pundits think

Survey: Majority In The US Are Unaware Of Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 has finally gained some traction in many worldwide markets, but one place where it still has a long road to trek in its home country, the United States. Microsoft has spent a considerable amount

Only 10% Of Enterprises Want To Upgrade To Windows 8

Windows 8 is a either a disaster, or a triumph, depending on who you ask. While admirers of Microsoft’s newest operating system never fail to mention the new features and improvements it brings, statistics do reveal a

New Microsoft Study Shows That Banning Work From Home Is A Mistake

Microsoft sure is quick with these studies. You may be aware that Yahoo recently decided to ban working from home, and the Internet giant now forces employees to come to the office every single day. Needless to

One In Seven Users Still Unaware Of Windows XP’s End

Even with the continuing efforts of Microsoft to convince businesses and users to move away from the 11-year-old operating system, Windows XP remains the second most popular version of Windows. As far as unofficial statistics go, the