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23% Of Companies Not Yet Ready For Windows 10

Sounds like resistance! It looks like not every IT professional is ready to make the move to Windows 10, with enterprise users citing concerns over migration security. In a new study, that is. A recent survey from

Seems Like No One Wants To Leave Windows 7

A survey has shown that companies are in no rush to abandon Windows 7 and upgrade to the latest version of the operating system. The world’s most popular desktop OS is good enough for many, it appears.

Only 3% Of Windows Phone Users Are Switching To iPhone 6

They say Windows Phone users are the most loyal bunch around, and now we have proof. When it comes to switching to iPhone 6, only a fraction of Windows Phone users are entertaining the idea. Microsoft’s mobile

Around One In Five Small Businesses Still Running Windows XP

At least one quarter of desktop users are apparently rocking Windows XP, according to estimates by third party researchers, but it seems that small and medium sized businesses are still on the retired operating system. A new

Survey Shows That 84% Of Windows XP Users Plan To Upgrade By Year End

So the big news, ladies and gentlemen, is that Microsoft will release the final public patch for Windows XP in just around a week from today. The classic operating system will then be retired April 8, 2014.

Some 20% Of Windows XP Users Do Not Care About End Of Support

Surveys. They are just facts and figures, usually from a small sample size, but boy they do provide valuable insights on how things are. And things could not be more interesting on the Windows XP front. Users,

Survey Shows That 55% Of Consumers Are Willing To Replace Their PCs With Tablets

Tablets continue to rule the landscape, and they are fast becoming the preferred gadget to have around for technology savvy users. For many they provide the best balance between the power of a laptop, and the mobility

Study Shows Many Windows XP Users Are Not Upgrading Due To Budget Concerns

There are some things in technology that are common sense. One can appraise some situations easily without scientific studies, but surveys do help in bringing out the true numbers. Take the Windows XP user base, as an

Survey Shows Tablets Are The Number One Gift Choice For Kids In The UK

They say children set the tone for the future, and they are right. If something catches up amongst young ones these days, it has a sure enough shot at going big in the near future. And when