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Hackers Can Break Into A Windows XP ATM Via A Simple SMS

Who’d have thought that ATMs would become an absolute headache for financial institutions closer to the retirement of Windows XP? It never happened before, and chances are that it probably will never happen again. The dynamics at

Symantec Provides More Detail On The Critical Windows XP 0-Day Security Flaw

While Microsoft is still investigating a recently reported flaw in Windows XP, security firm Symantec has put up more information on this vulnerability and which countries are under immediate threat. It seems that attackers have been attempting

App Watch: Norton Satellite

While Windows 8 comes with built-in security, and is inherently more secure than previous iterations of the operating system, it is never a bad idea to add another layer of protection, particularly when you consider how much

Updated Malware Targets Windows 8 PCs, Uses Google Docs

Symantec has notified Windows 8 users through its blog, about the threat of a backdoor Trojan Horse called Backdoor.Makadocs. This piece of malware presents itself as a Word document, uses a Google Docs server as a proxy

Norton Antivirus Fights Back Against Windows 8 Competition

Symantec’s Norton used to be the most popular computer security software until about five years ago when its popularity started decreasing. Over the past five years its consumer antivirus market share has dropped from 56% to 45%. This