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Next Generation Microsoft OS Coming Along Well

We’ve not heard much in terms of official details, but Microsoft is supposed to be working on a next generation operating system, which apparently is shaping up nicely. This new OS will be focused on biometric security,

Synaptics Says HP Keylogger Is Actually A Debug Tool

Nothing to fear? HP recently came under severe fire after for allegedly bundling a keylogger onto its drivers, which would have allowed cybercriminals the ability to track every keystroke of a user. This thing blew up fast.

Preinstalled Keylogger Found On Countless HP Laptops

Well, not exactly countless, but over 460 HP laptops are affected. The company is rolling out a fix for its touchpad driver, which has been found to contain a keylogger by a security expert. A situation not

Fingerprint Sensors On Laptops Set For A Revolution

While fingerprint sensors on laptops were available long before the iPhone 5S popularized the concept, their adoption never really took off on these portable computers. Sure, many flagship smartphones now come with this functionality, allowing owners of

Synaptics demonstrate Windows 8 use with a clickpad

In this interesting new video, Microsoft hardware partner Synaptics demonstrate what the manipulation of Windows 8 can look like with a notebook clickpad. The video shows a hand on a notebook’s clickpad manipulating Windows 8 with a

New Video from the Windows 8 BUILD conference – Synaptics at BUILD

Yet another interview at the Microsoft BUILD 2011 Windows 8 conference. The following video shows a Synaptics rep talking about his company. A little about Synaptics: The human interface is where the action is. For more than