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Chitika December Tablet Report: iPad Dominates, Others See Gains

Chitika Insights have updated their report on the tablet market for December. Apple continues to dominate in tablets but Google’s Nexus, Samsung’s Galaxy and the Kindle Fire showed significant growth. Microsoft’s Surface RT market share also grew

Chitika Report: iPad Dominates, Surface Gains Small Toehold

Chitika Insights’ recently published report shows continuing domination of the tablet market, but also shows the Surface gaining a tiny footprint market-share-wise. The basis of the Chitika study and results comes from a sample of tens of millions

Is Windows 8’s Avoidance of 7-inch Devices a Bad Move?

So Microsoft’s Tami Reller has now confirmed that the Windows 8 platform is focusing on 10.1-inches or larger for all the tablets around the launch Window. Onuora spoke up and said he thinks it is smart for

Windows 8 in the Tablet market

It is certain that Microsoft have arrived in the tablet market following the successful footsteps of their competitors Apple. Microsoft brings their latest operating platform, Windows 8 to life in tablet form. The hardware distributors will probably