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Microsoft Confirms The Departure Of Tony Bates And Tami Reller

The rumors were all true! Redmond has just made an official announcement confirming that both Tony Bates and Tami Reller are parting ways with the company to pursue other opportunities. Suitable replacements, the company says, have already

Tony Bates And Tami Reller Are About To Leave Microsoft, New Report

Keep on shaking, until things go right? Well, if the start of February brought the big news that Satya Nadella has taken charge as the new Microsoft CEO, the start of March brings rumors of more shakeups.

Is Microsoft Having Second Thoughts About Office On iOS And Android?

Redmond has a thing going with the full version of its Office productivity suite on its Surface lineup of tablets and other Windows powered slates. Office 365 clients are also available on competing mobile platforms, namely iOS

More Than 200 Million Windows 8 Licenses Sold, Microsoft Confirms

Remember Tami Reller? The senior Microsoft executive? Of course, you do. She has been out the spotlight these past couple of months, but nevertheless, leads up marketing work at Redmond. Another things that has been out of

Tami Reller Sells 5,800 Microsoft Shares

Tami Reller, the former Windows boss that took the reins after the departure of Steven Sinofsky has now taken charge as the Executive Vice President of Marketing for Microsoft. And according to a recent report by American

Microsoft: Windows 8.1 Is Designed To Help Users Upgrade From Windows XP

According to the latest statistics provided by market research firm Net Applications, Windows XP is currently powering 37.13 percent of computers the world over. These numbers put the classic operating system as the second most popular in

Confirmed: Windows 8.1 RTM Will Launch In August

Microsoft has just confirmed that the full version of Windows 8.1, its upcoming operating system, would be sent to OEMs in August, indicating that the new OS would be available for end users later this year. Insider

Tami Reller: Windows 8.1 Is Designed According To User Recommendations

A lot has transpired from the first day rumors came out claiming Windows Blue to be in development. Microsoft came out and confirmed that it was working on an upgrade, screenshots surfaced, builds leaked. And now we

So What If Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Just Quit One Day? Succession Planning At Microsoft

So all the Steve Ballmer bashing got me thinking the other day, if he just up and left, who would be the natural replacement for him? When you get past all the hateful rhetoric and some of

Microsoft Hints That Windows 8.1 Final Will Be Here In Time For Holidays

The final stable build of Windows 8.1 is set to go live in just a few months, with various sources conjuring up random dates. But according to Tami Reller, the CFO of the Windows division, Microsoft has