Microsoft Rolls Out Inspiring Super Bowl 2014 Commercials, Watch Them All Here

Super Bowl is serious business, and marketing at the event is even more so. With the going price of $4.5 million for a 30 second slot, many companies release some of their best commercials for the event.

Nokia Hypes Up The Lumia 1520 Screen, Claims It As The Absolute Best

Microsoft, and many would say, Nokia are not companies that are overly eager to go in on a specifications race. Instead both emphasize on features, design and the overall experience. But with Update 3 for Windows Phone

Bill Gates Helps Develop Revolutionary Text-To-Video Technology

It was not all that long ago that text-to-speech technology made its debut. And over the years, the technology has improved by a country mile. Bill Gates and a group of inventors, however, are currently working on

PC Vendors Planning To Increase Focus On Wearable Computing

Mobile was long hyped up as a bold new frontier for computing. While some companies understood this early and ran away with success others realized this too late into the game and are now on the back

Microsoft Research Develops New Digital Hair Manipulation Technology

The Microsoft Research unit has had a fairly busy year. And SIGGRAPH 2013, the 40th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Technique, has provided the company to showcase what it has been working on.

Technology To Embed Coded Tags In 3D Printed Objects Developed By Microsoft

There were times when Microsoft was more interested in plain old software development, but the past few years, Redmond has increased its focus on research manifold. The result is that the company is now on the forefront

The Disturbing Case of Windows Phone 8’s Missing Storage

Have you ever experienced losing something that seemed impossible to lose? You don’t have any idea how it could have disappeared because you don’t even remember doing anything that could lead to such an occurrence. Like finding

Fascinating discussion with Ari Emmanuel on the future of content and entertainment

Very fascinating discussion with Ari Emmanuel at the All Things D conference. At this week’s All Things D conference — D10, which marked a decade of these retreats — Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher were gracious enough

Microsoft Research’s "SoundWave" Technology Is Like Kinect, Without The Need For A Camera

For a while now we’ve talked about how Microsoft Kinect could find its way into many of today’s computers, regardless of whether they are laptops or PCs. We’ve also talked about the potential of Kinect in tablets.

Interesting infographic – The truth about Technology

I saw this interesting Infographic about the truth about technology that I wanted to share. If you’re like most Americans, you probably own a cell phone, computer and at least one television. The question no one is