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Nvidia Head Is Proud And Delighted Of His Company’s Work On Surface

Now not all of you may know this, but the only reason Microsoft went with Nvidia’s Tegra 4 processors for its second generation Surface tablets was because of contractual obligations. When ironing out the details for the

Second Generation Surface Said To Feature Tegra 4 Processor

After some of the grandiloquent news bits of the past couple of weeks, here are some exciting rumors and speculation about the future Surface tablets from Microsoft. Previously leaked information has revealed that both the RT and

How Will NVIDIA Tegra 4 Delay Affect Windows RT 8.1 Tablets?

Delays, delays! NVIDIA has just altered its mobile roadmap, with the anticipated Tegra chips getting a little shuffle. Tegra 4i is set to arrive some six months earlier, while Tegra 4 itself slips by a few months.

What Performance Points Will 7-Inch Windows Blue Tablets Target?

The newest focus over at Redmond is the development of tablets sporting a smaller form factor at a more affordable price point. All recent signs point to 7 or 8 inch slates sporting the Microsoft logo. But

Nvidia unveil Tegra 4 – “the worlds fastest mobile processor”

Nvidia has just announced their brand new mobile processor – the Tegra 4. It has 72 GPU cores and 4 A15 CPU cores making it the first quad core A15 chip on the market. From the image