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Tegra 4


Nvidia Head Is Proud And Delighted Of His Company’s Work On Surface

Now not all of you may know this, but the only reason Microsoft went with Nvidia’s Tegra 4 processors for its second generation Surface tablets…


Second Generation Surface Said To Feature Tegra 4 Processor

After some of the grandiloquent news bits of the past couple of weeks, here are some exciting rumors and speculation about the future Surface tablets…


How Will NVIDIA Tegra 4 Delay Affect Windows RT 8.1 Tablets?

Delays, delays! NVIDIA has just altered its mobile roadmap, with the anticipated Tegra chips getting a little shuffle. Tegra 4i is set to arrive some…


What Performance Points Will 7-Inch Windows Blue Tablets Target?

The newest focus over at Redmond is the development of tablets sporting a smaller form factor at a more affordable price point. All recent signs…


Nvidia unveil Tegra 4 – “the worlds fastest mobile processor”

Nvidia has just announced their brand new mobile processor – the Tegra 4. It has 72 GPU cores and 4 A15 CPU cores making it the…