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Microsoft May Reorganize Windows Team Soon

That is, after the release of the Redstone 5 update. There are some whispers that the software titan is gearing up for a reorganization of the Windows team, to better align it with future strategy. This is

Windows Boss Terry Myerson Leaves Microsoft

Big changes ahead? You can bet the farmhouse on that! Terry Myerson, the Windows chief, has departed Microsoft. After having spent no less than 21 years at the company, no less. Not only did Redmond confirm this

Leaked Document Confirms Windows 8.1 Update 2 Is In Development

Microsoft might have released new versions of its operating platforms left and right these past few months, but the company has been rather silent on what releases we can expect in the very near future. This new

Microsoft: We Value The Desktop, It Is The Core Of Windows

A leisurely stroll is a gift, but when you stray too far away voices will be raised. This is what happened with Windows 8 as the technology industry felt that Redmond had forsaken the desktop and gone

New Windows Boss Praises The Windows 8.1 Experience

Terry Myerson has one of the toughest jobs in computing technology. The new head of the operating systems division at Microsoft talked about Windows 8.1 on the day it hit the Windows Store, and as expected, the

Microsoft Assures Commitment To Windows Phone Partners

Redmond announced late on Monday that it will be buying Nokia’s smartphone business. And nowhere else were the implications of this acquisition were felt more than the fledgling Windows Phone ecosystem. The purchase of the Lumia brand

Microsoft alleged quote of the day – Terry Myerson

Today’s “alleged” quote of the day is from Microsoft’s Terry Myerson. TheVerge.com is alleging that: In a recent all-hands meeting, we’re told that Myerson said something to the effect of “we’re at zero percent market share for

Microsoft make executive changes in Windows Phone leadership

Microsoft has moved Andy Lees, the current head of its Windows Phone business to a new role. AllThingsD is reporting that Terry Myerson, the corporate VP who has led engineering efforts for the phone unit, will get