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Where Are the Texas Instruments Based Windows Tablets At?

With Windows RT we’ve seen Qualcomm and NVIDIA processors so far, but where is Texas Instruments? As early as 2011, TI committed to the idea of working with Windows RT in the future, as well as continued

New Video – Texas Instruments at BUILD 2011 Windows 8 event

More video from the BUILD 2011 Windows 8 conference. I was roaming the EXPO hall in the Anaheim Convention Center and I stopped at the Texas Instruments stall. I briefly asked what was going on and here’s

Texas Instruments announces support for Windows 8

Yet another processor company has announced a new product that it says will support Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. This time its Texas Instruments. In a press release today, they unveiled its OMAP4470 processor. Texas Instruments has

Windows 8 to be demoed at CES on ARM processor, Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments in the bag

Todd Bishop is also saying that Microsoft will demo Windows 8 tomorrow – on an ARM processor A demonstration of Windows running on ARM processors this week will double as the first public preview of Windows 8,