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Windows 8.1 reviewed on screens small and large – Verge Video

The good folks at the Verge take a look at Windows 8.1 on a series of large and small devices. You can see some of the idiosyncrasies here. Is it me or does the Acer W3 8

The Verge take a look at Windows 8.1 – Video

The Verge have summarized the features available in Windows 8.1 Take a look at the video here.  

The Verge confirm Start Button and Boot to Desktop are coming back in Windows 8.1

Technology news juggernaut The Verge is reporting that Microsoft will in fact kind of bring back the Start Button in Windows Blue or Windows 8.1. I say kind of because well, it’s a little complicated. From the

New Windows Blue Video from the Verge

Windows Blue seems to have brought some serious improvements to the UI side of Windows 8. The improvements touch some of the following areas: Smaller Live Tiles and the company is changing the way you arrange them

The Verge review the Microsoft Surface Pro – Video

David Pierce at The Verge reviews the “first real computer to come out of Redmond”.  

Video Review – The Verge examine the new BlackBerry Z10

Joshua Topolsky from the Verge did a fantastic review of the BlackBerry Z10. It’s an interesting review and shows a somewhat capable phone. I’ll post an opinion a little later…  

Get Excited! The Verge say the Microsoft Surface Pro looks good!

Video review – The Verge look at the Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone

The Verge have done a review of the Samsung ATIV S phone. They seem to be a fan of this device. I actually saw this one up close and personal at BUILD 2012 and I can tell

The Verge do a review of the iPad mini

Joshua Topolsky from The Verge does (as usual) a great job in reviewing Apple’s iPad Mini. This tablet is very relevant because I believe Microsoft have taken a wait and see approach regarding how the 7.9 inch

The Verge Reviews Windows Phone 8

The Verge did a thorough review of Windows Phone 8 in the video below, as reported by  WP8 is an uphill slog for Microsoft, but it is a powerful effort to compete with the iPhone and