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Lenovo V730 Business Laptop Leaks

No ThinkPad this time around? Looks like Lenovo is preparing a new kind of a laptop, one that does not fall under the company’s Think brand. The V730 is the name of this new creation that has

Behold The Lenovo ThinkPad 25

It’s not all that often do you get an iconic piece of hardware. Something with a history, a legacy. But the upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad 25 is one such creation, details of which have just leaked. This is

AMD Ryzen Pro Powers Two New Lenovo ThinkPad A Laptops

Looks like AMD is going for the business segment to bring its new Ryzen Pro chips into the zone. A couple of new Lenovo ThinkPad A laptops are incoming, powered by these new processors. Ryzen has been

Computex 2012 – Lenovo ThinkPad tablet running Windows 8

Lenovo also joined the Windows 8 computex bandwagon. It’s not named yet so we can call it the ThinkPad Tablet. Here’s what’s known: It’s 9.7mm thick. Intel Clover Trail processor 10-plus hours Battery life 10.1-inch screen 1366