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Lenovo V730 Business Laptop Leaks

No ThinkPad this time around? Looks like Lenovo is preparing a new kind of a laptop, one that does not fall under the company’s Think…


Behold The Lenovo ThinkPad 25

It’s not all that often do you get an iconic piece of hardware. Something with a history, a legacy. But the upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad 25…


AMD Ryzen Pro Powers Two New Lenovo ThinkPad A Laptops

Looks like AMD is going for the business segment to bring its new Ryzen Pro chips into the zone. A couple of new Lenovo ThinkPad…


Computex 2012 – Lenovo ThinkPad tablet running Windows 8

Lenovo also joined the Windows 8 computex bandwagon. It’s not named yet so we can call it the ThinkPad Tablet. Here’s what’s known: It’s 9.7mm thick. Intel Clover Trail…