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Vanadium, Vibranium Are The Next Codenames For Windows 10

Looks like Redmond is at it again! The company, famed as much for renaming and rebranding, as it is for software and services has new…


LG Working With Microsoft On Windows Phone, Threshold And TV

Of all Microsoft hardware partners, past and present, LG has been perhaps the most amusing case. The company has been completely out of the picture…


Windows Threshold Merges Windows Phone With Windows RT

Talk that Microsoft is set to merge its two ARM based operating systems, Windows Phone and Windows RT, is not new. Although we are yet…


Windows Phone Threshold Codename Floats Up

With all the hoopla about the Windows Phone 8.1 roll out, it is easy to overlook the fact that Microsoft is probably well into development…


Cortana Voice Assistant Reportedly Arriving On Lumia Smartphones In April

It is remarkable just how silent Microsoft has been on the matter. Almost everything we have heard so far about the rumored Cortana voice assistant…


New Report Claims That Windows 9 Is Indeed Codenamed Threshold

We first heard the name (or codename, if you will) Threshold a few weeks back. The initial details were as vague as they could be,…


Start Menu Could Return Before Threshold, May Be Called Mini-Start

Don’t you just love it when the rumor mill just starts to run wild? The grapevine has been abuzz with all sorts of news, some…


Windows Phone And Windows Threshold May Be Offered For Free To Mobile OEMs

The in news at the moment if Windows Threshold, and what sorts of decisions Microsoft takes during development and after launch of this new initiative….


Windows Threshold Could Launch In 2014, Says New Report

The most popular topic among the Microsoft user base these days is Windows Threshold. While we had had a handful of rumors about the so-called…


Microsoft Reportedly Planning Three Versions Of Windows Threshold

With the cat pretty much out of the bag, several sources are now reporting openly about exactly what sorts of changes Windows Threshold will bring…