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More Windows 8.1 Update 1 leaks – right click to pin tiles to the taskbar

OK some very interesting leaks about the next update to Windows 8.1. Apparently, it seems that right clicking on the tiles will have some interesting new functionality. Added to the new update, Microsoft have added the ability

Windows 8.1 will feature way more desktop personalization

Microsoft have released more details about Windows 8.1 in a new blog post. In Windows 8.1, you’ll be able to do more to personalize the experience on your device. As people started using Windows 8, we found

Windows 8 Launches as a Re-imagined Windows for all Platforms

Windows 8 is the re-imagined successor to Windows 7 and a revolutionary leap forward for Microsoft’s flagship OS. The new OS represents the biggest makeover of the Windows OS since Windows 95. It introduces the Live Tiles interface and

Windows 8 Tip: Pinning metro app to the Start screen

With Windows 8, you can pin or unpin any metro styled app from the start screen, in just a few clicks. Wondering how? Well, here is a quick guide on how you can pin or unpin any

Windows 8 Tip: Turning on Airplane mode

With Windows 8, Microsoft has introduced a new mode which they call the Airplane mode. This option allows you to turn of all the network connections i.e. take your device to offline mode. This functionality is generally

Windows 8 Tip: Pinning people to the start screen

Windows 8 is natively connected to the cloud. It is connected to the services that you mostly use such as Facebook, Twitter. Microsoft has also provided a People app which gives you option to connect to your favorite services. You

Windows 8 Tip: Show administrative tools on the start screen

Windows 8 offers an option of pinning all the administrative tools on your start screen, just with a few clicks. These administrative tools are very useful for the power as well as general user. Wondering how to

Windows 8 Tip: Changing the Lock screen background

With Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a newway of changing the lock screen background. Earlier versions of Windows did not have this feature. Changing the Windows 8 lock screen background is a fairly easy and simple procedure. The

Windows 8 Tip: Changing the tile size of Metro apps

In Windows 8, you can personalize the start screen the way you want. You can re-arrange the tiles, make them smaller and larger too. In this post, I will give a step-by-step guide about How you can change

Metro processing seems to be a little slow in Windows 8

I have an ExoPC slate device which seems a little slow when running Windows 8. That ironically has turned out to be a blessing. You see, when your hardware is slow, you sometimes get to see the way